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AROC – Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate


Course: $350 (online cost)

The Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate Course is designed to provide Aviation radiotelephone knowledge, techniques and qualifications for pilots, non-pilot flight-crew such as Helicopter Hoist Operator Aircrew, Rescue Swimmers / Loadmasters, Emergency Services personnel members including Police, Fire, Ambulance and Helicopter Landing Officers / Landing Zone Coordinators within emergency services along with Airports and Airlines Ground Crew. This course enables graduates to communicate via two way radio during their normal course of duties and tasks within the aviation environment.

Successful graduates of the program are awarded and issued a CASA Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate which can be used to demonstrate competency in other regions worldwide to attain a local radio operator license such as with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) within the United States.

(Participants in other countries should check with their local regulatory authorities to ensure the CASA approval is sufficient for local use).

AROC Course Availability and Schedule

This course can be delivered in one of two ways:

1. In a classroom environment (call for availability and pricing) or

2. Online, where it is self-guided and self-paced.

If the Online method is chosen, students can book onto the course anywhere at their convenience and complete the program at their own pace.

The online method is a mix of the Theory assessment being online and the final practical assessment being done via a Zoom virtual class meeting where the practical assessment will take place with one of our Assessors.

At the completion of the theory assessment, students can click on the Practical Assessment booking link which will then take them to the time and schedule area to select their preferred time for the practical assessment.

Students within the virtual classroom, will be taken into “breakout” rooms by the Assessor to complete the practical assessment.


This course is relevant to all operating airports  overseen specifically by FAA, CASA and EASA / JAA regulatory requirements in relation to aircraft radio operations and licensing.

AROC Course Prerequisites

In order to undertake this course online, the applicant MUST have a computer with a webcam fitted, or laptop, iPad or smartphone. The webcam is used to authenticate the identity of the applicant. A snapshot is taken at the start of the course and kept on an electronic file. At random times throughout the course several more snapshots will be taken to ensure it is the same person doing the course. The last 3 questions of the Assessment are also video answers.


Please ensure you ONLY use “Google Chrome” to access the course and the assessments.

DO NOT USE MICROSOFT EDGE (Internet Explorer) or Firefox as they are known to have issues with accessing the video assessments.


Students will need to gain or hold an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) with CASA as part of the license requirement either before undertaking the course or during to enable submission of the application and results of assessment.

You can download the CASA Form 1162 here

To expedite obtaining your ARN, you can go to: portal and create your profile and apply for your ARN online.

This is a much quicker way of obtaining your ARN code.

CASA also has a requirement for ALL Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate applicants to provide evidence in meeting the required English Language Proficiency with your application.

If documentary evidence for the ELP component is not able to be provided and a separate English Language Proficiency test and assessment is required, this will be at an additional cost,  through our ELP provider.