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RF Scanner Training

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  • Knowledge Assessment: In class
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3 hours (in class)

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Issued Same Day (Conditions Apply)

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$185 (may vary)

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RF Scanner Training

Many industries, including the retail sector and Transport and Logistics, have been revolutionised by the development of RF Scanning technology. RF Scanners have taken manual recording and human error largely out of the picture. As such, knowing how to operate an RF Scanner is essential for many professional roles nowadays.

Driver Training Pro’s RF Scanner course can give you a solid grounding in the use of RF Scanning devices, providing skills for specific professional roles, or improving your employability across the board.

What is RF Scanning?

RF is short for “Radio Frequency” – and refers to what we call RFIDs, or “Radio-frequency identification”. RFID tags are tiny devices that store and transmit digital information using electromagnetic fields. The devices are tiny and often require no battery or power source – they get their power from the device that scans them. These devices can store a serial code (or even more complex information), meaning a box or object with an RFID tag can be easily identified and logged without anyone ever needing to touch it. They’re now being widely used for freight, in books, vehicles, security tags, electronic keys, and even (controversially) implanted into animals and even humans. This has hugely simplified business processes such as security, freight tracking, and stock inventory.

What is an RF Scanner?

An RF Scanner is a device used to scan objects with an RFID tag. Some are fixed devices that an RFID moves past (such as a toll gate or swipe-card scanner for a security door), but many are hand-held units used for inventory and tracking of packages. These are now incredibly common in warehouses and freight depots and have made older inventory techniques like manually recorded serial numbers and scanned barcodes obsolete in many places.

RF Scanning course

Driver Training Pro’s RF Scanner course will train you in the essentials of using RF Scanning devices in a professional context. You’ll learn how they work, how to operate them, and get hands on experience using them.

Course Times

The course is a single, half-day session, running for 3 hours. Generally, this will be from 9am – 12pm. A range of session dates are available, including some weekend dates for those unable to participate during regular work hours.

Students are advised to arrive at least 15 minutes before the course starts, as the doors will be closed and sealed at the scheduled start time to minimise disruption to students. Latecomers will be required to contact our office to reschedule your training for another day.

Same day certificate

Once your course is completed, your RF Scanner Training certificate will be sent to you by email within 24 hours, often on the very same day you complete the course. The certificate is provided as a PDF file, allowing you to store it in digital format and email or print it whenever you need. The file is also available for download whenever you need from our online student portal.

USI Requirements

To take part in Driver Training Pro’s RF Scanner course, you’ll need to provide a valid USI number – or “Unique Student Identifier”. If you don’t have one of these, you can get one quickly and easily by going to the USI website and clicking the “Click here to get your USI” button.

However, if you’ve undertaken any form of formal study in the last few years, you should already have a USI. Since 2015 they’ve been mandatory for all formal training courses in Australia. You only ever need one USI. If you’ve forgotten or misplaced your number, you can also use the USI website to find your USI.

Covid 19 Compliance

The health and safety of our students is one of Driver Training Pro’s highest priorities. For this reason, we make sure all our training is conducted in a fully covid safe manner, following all current government regulations for social distancing, vaccination requirements, and personal protection equipment (PPE). We ask that all students do the same, and follow your trainer’s spoken and written covid safety directions. Failure to do so may result in being asked to leave the training session.

If you’re not fully vaccinated for Covid 19, we recommend you check the venue details for your training course and the vaccination requirements for your specific venue. Many public venues (like those used by Driver Training Pro) now require evidence of full vaccination. This is not a requirement of Driver Training Pro but rather a legal government requirement applied to the venue itself.

If you are unwell on the day or displaying Covid-like symptoms, we ask that you do not attend. Instead, if you contact our office and let them know the situation, we can generally reschedule your training to another date at no additional cost.